Betarq | Professional Office offering all kinds of services in the field of architecture.
Betarq is a professional firm that offers all kinds of services in the field of architecture through projects, construction management and integrated project in buildings of all shapes steps: housing, educational, corporate, health or special buildings. Betarq fixed target professional and quality service, using modern technology and a direct and personalized service.
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  • Feria de Amposta
    Amposta fair

    Betarq has collaborated in the project and assistance in the preparation of the budget, bill of quantities, specifications and safety studies.

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  • Biblioteca Pública del Estado
    State Public Library

    Betarq was awarded in 2010 for projects, addresses and security coordination, forming a joint venture with the architects office nitidus slp, Public Library in Barcelona, ​​promoted by the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish government.

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  • Gas Natural
    Gas Natural

    The technical architect Ramon Cisa has participated in the implementation and direction of the executive project, in collaboration with the office i Construcció Control, SLP

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  • Hospital Comarcal San Juan de Dios
    Regional Hospital San Juan de Dios

    Hospital San Juan de Dios order makes this health center in Almacelles (Lleida), with an area of ​​6000m2 and a budget of € 7,000,000.

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  • Club Natació Sabadell
    Sabadell Swimming Club

    Construction of a sports complex as a second phase of construction of the new Swimming Club Sabadell, with the construction of a multipurpose building, a lap pool and several sports complexes.

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  • Banco Sabadell
    Bank Sabadell

    Office building and warehouse, this project is also the corporate headquarters of the Bank of Sabadell.Tiene an approximate area of ​​60,000 and a budget of about € 35 million.

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  • Edificio Viviendas Barcelona
    Building Housing Barcelona

    • Type: Multifamily Housing • Address: Peru, Barcelona 71 • Mission: Direction of execution, quality control, safety analysis, safety and health coordination • PEM: 4.000.000 € • Top-end: 2002-2004 • Area: 4,800 m2 • Architects: Alonso Balaguer • Promoter: Greco, HEALTHY

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  • Diseño Interiores Wok Street
    Wok Street

    Project support internal reform and interior of this local fast food located in Pl. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 18. 2013

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  • Oficinas CZF
    Offices CZF

    With a height of 23 plantes, the CZF building has an approximate area of ​​15,000 m2 and a budget of about € 24 million. The technical architect Sergi Barquet participated as coach of the property on behalf of the developer Greco, SA

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  • Restaurante Sugar
    Sugar Restaurant

    Conversion restaurant Ruccula the Worl Trade center of Barcelona, ​​in Musical nightclub, according Salsitas Group project. Sergi Barquet has acted as Director of the Work, and coordination of industrial recruitment.

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  • Hotel W Barcelona
    Hotel W Barcelona

    Part of the JV team and Vela Nova Bocana, SA which managed within the Special Plan of the Nova Mouth of the Port of Barcelona W Barcelona Hotel realization of 50.000m2, building parking 17.000m2 and urbanization was formed 70.000m2. , 2009.

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  • Restaurante Ruccula
    Restaurant Ruccula

    Interior renovation design a restaurant in the World Trade Center Barcelona, ​​designed by Jorge Fuentes, Study F and David Boldú. Sergi Barquet has acted as project manager, recruitment and coordination of industrial.

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300x210_BQ_via construccion
Professional forum for the 2016 rehabilitation

We leave you some pictures of the "professional forum for rehabilitation organized by grupo Via 2016″." Betarq has participated showing the reform which is being held at the Fairmont Hotel Juan Carlos I and the housing building of light frame of wood located...

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