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Centro Sociosanitario Almacelles
Health center San Juan de Dios

Hospital San Juan de Dios order makes this health center in Almacelles (Lleida). With an area of ​​6000m2 and a budget of € 7,000,000, is designed by the architects Robert Pere, Carme Casals, JM. Carles Mezquida and Saez. The execution address ...

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Ciclotro Barnatron
Ciclotró – Barnatron

Construction of an underground installation of a Ciclotró (particle accelerator) for the expansion of Cetir-Barnatrón Laboratories in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). Project architect Victor Setoain has a budget of approximately € 3 million. Betarq involved as Project Manager-Management and as ...

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Fundacion Arrels
Foundation Arrels

The Civic Center Barnes Pere is the fruit of the rehabilitation of an existing building in the neighborhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona. The promoter of the works was the Felix Foundation Llobet, speaking in a building of Arrels Foundation, who also runs a center ...

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Garderia Vilanova del valles
Nursery and civic center

Rehabilitation and extension of an old farmhouse (Cal Trempat) in Vilanova del Valles, by the City of Vilanova del Valles to build a nursery and a community center. The project Architects and Gerard David Sebastian Puig has an estimate ...

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Hospital San Juan de Dios
Regional Hospital San Juan de Dios

Hospital San Juan de Dios order makes this new hospital in Sant Boi de Llobregat. With an area of ​​50.000m2 and a budget of about € 60 million, is projected for Codina office Prat and Valls (CPVA). The Betarq office participates in the ...

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Center for Comparative Medicine Trias i Pujol

Betarq participates in the project of the architects Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas Arq. and Lluís Corbella, paragraphs of estimated cost, technical assistance project, measurements and budget, quality control, waste management and health and safety studies. Videos of the work see video phase...

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