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The Wittmore hotel

Betarq has carried out the Project Management of The Wittmore hotel, which consists of 22 rooms and is located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

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Reform Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I

Works of internal reform of the Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I in Barcelona, where Betarq has made the adaptation project and is carrying out the direction of work, implementation guidance, quality Control and coordination of safety and security. The work is being performed by...

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300x135 radiccio
Restaurante Radiccio

Construction of a restaurant in the zona franca de Barcelona, design by Jorge Fuentes de Estudio F and David Boldu. The architect technical Betarq Sergi Barquet has acted as director of work, recruitment and coordination of industrial.

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Nave Cubierta Hotel W
Proposal Cover retractable Ship Hotel W

The project is to respond to the need for the hotel management to have a 400m2 shed whose roof can be opened or closed depending on the type of activity and keep your current character terrace. The proposal is ...

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Cerveceria MonDore Floridablanca
Brewery Mondoré

Project support internal reform and interior of this family home located in the c / Floridablanca, 3 Barcelona. 2013

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Restaurante Cafeteria Coscocaixa
Restaurant and Coffee-shop Cosmocaixa

The café-restaurant CosmoCaixa is located in the basement of the modernist building designed by Josep Domènech Estapà in 1904, is part of the current Museum of Science called CosmoCaixa. It has approx. of 700 m2 divided between the cafeteria located in the arches ...

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Discoteca Blur
Disco Blur

Club, nightclub, restaurant, performs Betarq Project Management or Project Management of this local building located within the Palau de Congresos de Catalunya, Diagonal. 2014.

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Restaurante Sugar
Restaurant Sugar WTCB

Conversion of restaurant Ruccula of the Worl Trade Center of Barcelona, in local Musical nightlife, according to group Salsitas the architect's technical Betarq Sergi Barquet has acted as director of the work, carrying out procurement coordination industrial.

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Restaurante Ruccula Barcelona
Restaurant Ruccula WTCB

Internal reform of a design restaurant at the World Trade Center of Barcelona the architect technical Betarq Sergi Barquet has acted as director of the work, conducting recruitment coordination of industrial.

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Hotel W Barcelona
Hotel W Barcelona

Part of the JV team and Vela Nova Bocana, SA which managed within the Special Plan of the Nova Mouth of the Port of Barcelona W Barcelona Hotel realization of 50.000m2, a building of 17.000m2 and parking was formed. ..

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