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About us
Betarq is a studio of architectural services based in Barcelona founded by Ramón Cisa, Sergi Barquet and Julio López.


"Bet" is the second letter of the alphabet of the ancient Mediterranean cultures and symbolizes "home". Its graphics is a square that represents the plan of the walls of a house in which the left side is missing, thus showing the essence of the enclosures of a house, as well as its will and need to open up to the outside, to relate. "Arq" is the Greek word that translates as "first", "primordial" or "preeminent". All this symbology seemed very appropriate to us, since the purity of these roots fit perfectly with our way of thinking and with the respect we have towards the fact of inhabiting a specific space. In this sense, we try to maintain a high value of all the aspects that are part of the construction process of a building: place, ideas, materials, requirements or personal relationships, regardless of their scale. Services Betarq provides personalized attention and deals with everything from the economic study to assess the feasibility of a real estate operation until its delivery to the final client, going through any phase of the project. Within architecture services, the team realiza proyectos (básicos, ejecutivos, direcciones de obra y ejecución), y se encarga de la gestión de obras (Project Manager) y de la realización de project audits. También se calculan los estimates costos, se realizan measurements, studies and safety coordination. In addition, Betarq projects multi-family residential buildings, schools, single-family homes, así como demolition projects. Projects We have collaborated in the construction of buildings as unique CaixaForum Barcelona, Cosmocaixa or the Auditorium of the gardens of Cap Roig; Large corporate buildings such as Natural Gas (Torre Marenostrum) the Banco Sabadell (Sant Cugat del Vallès). Hospitals and socio-sanitary buildings such as San Juan de Déu County Hospital (Sant Boi de Llobregat), Sociosanitary Saint John of God (Almacelles); large office buildings as it CZF in the Barcelona Forum area, Wittywood Barcelona Building, Roche Diagnostics Sant Cugat Campus; Hotels like the Hotel W Barcelona, Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I, The Gates Hotel Diagonal Barcelona y Hotel The Wittmore; Sports facilities like the Sabadell Swimming Club. We have also worked on large demolition projects, such as Youth Prison Trinitat o el Judicial Building Passage of Lluís Companys in Barcelona.


  • Julio López Fernández – Architect.
  • Ramon Cisa Segalés – Technical Architect. Project Manager.
  • Sergi Barquet Pons – Technical architect.


  • Antonio Moya Castellano – Architect.
  • Armand Piqueras Pons – Architect.
  • Joan Sirvent de Febrer Technical architect.
  • Elisabet Garcia Fuentes – Technical architect. Project Manager.
  • Helena Roca Moreso – Technical architect.
  • Victor Garcia Carbó – Technical architect.
  • Arnald Moya Tarradellas – Technical architect
  • Ada Valls Solomando – Technical architect
  • Albert Serra Sánchez – Technical architect.
  • Anna Martinez – Technical architect.
  • Judith Pardo – Technical architect.
  • Laia Moix – Technical architect.
  • Roser Vilar Bonet – Financial Department.