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Wittywood – Lagoon 42

Typology: Office building Management: c/Llacuna 42, Barcelona Mission: Project Manager Execution Management Quality control Safety and health coordination Start-end. 2020-Act Projector: Xavier Ballarín Rubio, F.Xavier Grinyó de la Peña Promotor: Wittywood S.L.

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Julián López headquarters in Barcelona

• Typology: Commercial fabric premises • Address: C/ Ali Bei 11 and C/Bailén 9 • Mission: Execution direction, quality control and coordination of Safety and Health • Start-end: 2017-2018 • Sup: 2.370m2 • Projector: Lluís Corbella, Architecture&Design slp • Promoter: Julián López...

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Barcelona Beta
Pascual Maragall Foundation

The Barcelona Beta Complex is promoted by Pascual Maragall Foundation as a center of scientific research of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer building. The order is the adequacy of Tower C of the New Mouth of the Port of Barcelona according to project ...

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Fabrica Reckitt Benckiser
Fábrica Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser Factory is one of the most important factories in Catalunya and is located in Granollers (Barcelona). The architect Julio Lopez was part of the team who designed and directed the work of conditioning the environment consistent factory: Building Control ...

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Edificio CZF
Building CZF

The office building CZF was promoted by the Consortium of the Zona Franca, Barcelona City Council and the developer Greco, SA Designed by MAP architecture firm, was conducted jointly with the International Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB) and the AC Hotel ...

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Banco Sabadell
Bank Sabadell – Landscape

Office building and warehouse, this project is also the corporate headquarters of the Banco de Sabadell. The project office Bach Architects has an approximate area of ​​60,000 and a budget of about € 35 million. The technical architect Ramon Cisa has participated in the ...

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Gas Natural
Natural Gas - Tower Marenostrum

The corporate headquarters of Gas Natural (Torre Mare Nostrum) is a group of buildings owned enterprises Natural Gas and Inmobiliaria Colonial. It was built on the former grounds of Catalana de Gas in Barcelona coastline. The architectural project of Enric Miralles ...

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Oficinas Habitat
Habitat Offices

Execution management, quality control, and safety and health in the interior of the offices of the Catalan promoter adequacy habitats in the Avda. Barcelona's diagonal.

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