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Ferran Puig Building

Type: Residential building Address: c/Ferran Puig 30, Barcelona Mission: Project Manager Construction management Execution management Quality control Health and safety coordination Start-end. 2019-2020 Designer: Urgell Arquitectes – Betarq Group Promoter: Valuiz Invest Energy certifier: Global Building Council Spain  

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Passeig Maragall housing building

• Typology: Multifamily Housing • Address: Paseo Maragall 154 • Mission: Project Manager and Construction Manager • Start-End: 2018-2019 • Sup: 2,292,70 m2 • Projector: CMS Arquitectes • Promoter: Union of Contractors, S.A.(UCSA)

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Residencial Cubelles

• Typology: Multifamily Housing • Address: Jaume I Avenue, 21, Cubelles • Mission: Execution and quality control management together with Marc Martínez • Start-end: 2017-2019 • Sup: 14,312,91 m2 • Projector: Pascual-Ausió Arquitectes S.L.P Marc Mogas • Promotor: Altamira Santander Real Estate, S.A.

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Building housing Pi Maragall in Hospitalet de Llobregat

• Type: Multi-family housing • address: c / finishing machine 106-108, 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat • mission: Basic project and execution, construction management, execution management and QC • Inicio-final: phase project • Sup: 1.676, 71m • Designer: Betarq Group, SLP • promoter: Union of...

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Building houses Girona

• Typology: Multi-family housing • Address: C / Joaquim Vareda, 58, Girona • Mission: Basic and executive project, Construction management, Execution management, Quality Control, Health and Safety Coordination • Start-end: 2019-2021 • Sup: 2,336.42m² • Promoter: INMO CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U.

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Building Magalhaes

• Type: Multi-family housing • address: C/Magalhaes 60 Barcelona• mission: Basic project, Executive project, project management, recruitment of the work, project management and coordination of safety and health. • Inicio-final: 2015• Sup: 445.43 m2• Designer: Betarq Group• promoter: Valuiz Invest, S.L.U. work see Videos...

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Building housing Napols 329

• Type: Multi-family housing • address: c / Nàpols 329, 08025 barcelona • mission: Project manager • Inicio-final: 2017-2018 • Sup: 798, 10 m² • draughtsman: CMS Arquitectes SLP • promoter: PHNV Spain Naples 329 SL and CIA SCS

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Building houses Sant Joan 164

• Housing • address: Passeig Sant Joan 164, 08037 Barcelona • mission: Project manager • Inicio-final: 2017-2018 • Sup: 1.383, 77 m² • draughtsman: A12 arquitectes Barcelona SLP • promoter: Puerto Rico sea investors SCS

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Edificio viviendas Sant Cugat

• Type: Multi-family housing • address: C / 129 Villa, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona • mission: execution and control of quality • Inicio-final address: 2019-2020 • Sup: 2.336, 42 m² • draughtsman: BCA Blanch Conca architecture. • Promoter: Sabadell Real Estate Development, S.L

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Edificio viviendas Tossa de Mar

• Typology: Multi-family housing • Address: Av. Catalunya 35, Tossa de Mar • Mission: Direction of execution and quality control • Start-end: 2018-2021 • Sup: 3.175,10m² • Designer: Sanabria & planes-Gallego Arquitectes, S.L.P. • Promoter: Sabadell Real Estate Development, S.L

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Single-family houses in Mollerussa

Ground floor, first, under deck and basement with 693 m2 built. Prior to the project was a geobiologico study which served to guide and distribute the interior spaces. As a singular element stands out the ventilated facade with large pieces of gray lightweight ceramic...

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Houses Sabadell

• Type: Detached house • address: C/Cervantes 73, Sabadell• mission: execution management and coordination of safety and health. • Inicio-final: 2013• Designer: PONSPUIG architecture

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Single-family house in la Cerdanya

• Type: Single Family Housing • Address: Royal Golf Club Cerdanya, Bolvir (Girona) • Mission: Preliminary design, final design, project management, performance management, quality control, safety study, health and safety coordination. • Top-end: 2013-2015 • * Area: 343.22 m2 • Designer: Betarq Group • Promoter: Property Atazar ...

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Rehabilitación viviendas Barcelona
Barcelona Housing Rehabilitation

• Type: Multifamily Housing Rehabilitation • Address: Pasaje Batlló, 4a. Barcelona • Mission: Project scaffolding address implementation, quality control, safety analysis, safety coordination • PEM: 400.000 € • Top-end: 2007-2008 • Area: 300 m2 • Designer: Cristina Garcia Giral • Promoter: Arrobqa Building Businesse Properties, SL

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House Montserdà Pains

Reforma Housing ground floor in the neighborhood of Sarriá (Barcelona). Author: ISABEL LOPEZ VILALTA, interior designer Rigger: SERVICES OF ARQUITECTURA BETARQ, S.L.P. Engineer: IGETECH INNOVA SL Work Selected by the FAD Awards of Architecture and Interior Design 2014 Extra information FAD

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Viviendas Mataro
Building Housing Mataró

• Type: Multifamily Housing • Address: Riera, 88-90 (Mataró). Barcelona • Mission: Address health • PEM implementation, quality control, safety analysis, and safety coordination: 1.500.000 € • Top-end: 2006-2007 • Area: 1,300 m2 • Architects: Lluís Roig Clemente • Promoter: Promoinnova, SL

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Edificio viviendas Sabadell
Building Housing Sabadell

Type: Multifamily Housing • Address: 50 Sarda (Sabadell). Barcelona • Mission: Project Manager, Department of Health • PEM implementation, quality control, safety analysis, and safety coordination: 2.750.000 € • Top-end: 2011 • Area: 2,232 m2 • Architect: Architecture PonsPuig • Promoter: Accessories for facilities sl

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