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Remodeling of the VIP stands of the Palau Sant Jordi

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Remodeling of the VIP stands of the Palau Sant Jordi

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The Betarq team together with the industrial engineer Pere Rams began the remodeling work on the stands of the Palau Sant Jordi, which are currently intended for the press and which will also become a VIP area.

Structure: In order to increase the area intended for the use of users, the depth of the stands will have a dimension of 168cm, instead of the current 84cm. A 44cm screed will be made every two steps to unify the level of the pavement.

Finishes: The finishing criterion seeks to unify the new performance into two materials: trespa and steel. The objective of the project is to maintain existing materials, with concrete and steel. The recred of the stands will be made with concrete to maintain the current aesthetic of the stands, made with precast concrete. The sides of the extension in the meeting of the stairs will also be made with concrete. The front of the stands, where the tables of the press area VIP are arranged will be made up of steel profiles and HPL panels.

Furniture: The intervention will preserve the color range of the existing seats, that is, dark gray - black to unify the criteria. The tables are made with steel and HPL type panel. Fixed tables but with the folding horizontal worktop. In order to preserve the aesthetics of existing chairs, it is proposed to install the same model in the stands intended for consecutive seats. In the press area VIP the same model is proposed but without arms to allow the correct exit and entry of the users since the exit must be lateral due to the table. In any case, the textile finishes and color range will be in the same model and tonality as the existing armchairs.

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07 Jul 2020